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Hiccup in the Schedule

The schedule worked quite well for about 3 weeks, then hit bumpy ground, it seems. My friend had to change both the day and the time that she comes over to help with KatyBeth, and while I'm still grateful for the help, it doesn't work out quite as well for me, as before. Plus, and this is really the primary thing - KatyBeth has started getting up earlier, on a regular basis, meaning I have only naptime in which to try to get things done, and I don't get that, if I'm wiped out enough that I also need to sleep. I probably should be sleeping, now, instead of blogging, since I've got some sort of cold (and have, for the past few days), but I'm getting tired of not getting any writing (or drawing) done, even more than I am of not getting much housework done.

In the writing arena, however, I've also got one other major problem - I'm the sort that does best at writing, when I have people with whom I can bounce ideas around. My test audience, with which I communicate now primarily by email, has been very silent. ): If any of you, by some miracle, see this, send me some sort of message, will you?

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