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Huzzah for the Schedule

I've been on my new schedule for about two weeks now, and by all appearances, it is working! Occasionally, there is a task that doesn't get done, but I usually manage to catch up on the weekends, and even if I don't, I manage to get it the next week. Even not getting up before KatyBeth (gotta get some newer pictures posted...) in the mornings for the last few days hasn't hurt things too much. Today, I managed to go around the house and pick up everything that KB has strewn around the house in the last heaven-only-knows-how-long, and lo - we actually had a carpet under all that! If all goes well, I'll actually vacuum tomorrow...

In other news, I have a touch of startitis - I got tired of my socks (yes, a bit of Second Sock Syndrome, though it struck halfway through the second sock), and The Cabled Monstrosity requires me to have somebody around to watch KatyBeth, to work on it, because it is higher-concentration knitting. Needing something low-concentration, but not mindless, I dug out some rainbow-colored yarn out of the cabinet, and started work on an entrelac scarf that I promised Arazyr ages ago that I'd make for him(he picked the yarn for it, by the way, folks), which will not only produce a scarf for him, and give me some mid-level knitting to do, but it also will clear a couple of skeins out of the stash - which I dearly need to do. I started to inventory it, on Ravelry, some time ago, and by the time I got to a stall point, I had over 12 MILES worth of yarn... and that isn't even all of it. I have a paper box loaded with miscellaneous stuff (from scrap balls up to occasional single skeins) that haven't been logged yet. Someday, I will log the rest of it, but I'm going to make some room in the cabinet, first.
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