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KatyBeth did not take a nap, today. That is, she was up from about 9:30 this morning, until about 9:00 this evening, with barely 10 minutes of sleep in between, and I dearly hope the sleeping she's doing now is for the night, rather than just a nap, because I'm pretty wiped out.

The schedule is going pretty well. Didn't get to vacuuming, this week, but I did get pretty much everything else done - even some writing, and baking a batch of cookies which I, in my current obsession with improving my little family's diet, experimented with "healthifying", as I call it. How did I "healthify" chocolate chip cookies, you may wonder? Well, I substituted whole wheat flour for a third of the regular flour. I know, I know, that doesn't qualify cookies as "healthy" food - that wasn't my aim, anyway, really. It just makes them the tiniest bit less junky, and sneaks a bit more whole grain into the sweets-loving members of the family that just can't stay away from things like cookies.

I'm looking forward to actually sending out my story update to my test audience, and seeing how many of them pass out from shock, as they have only gotten a couple updates, in the last couple of years.

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