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Stalled Coming Out of The Gate

Doesn't it just figure? Last night, I finished my "resolution" entry, then started turning out the lights and such, in preparation for going to bed, filled with resolution for the next day. I was just thinking about how I would go check on KatyBeth, who was sleeping on the futon in her room, and transfer her to her crib, when I heard a squeak, and saw a small figure toddling into the hall. I went and picked her up, and thought for a moment that she was actually going to just go back to sleep on my shoulder. Suffice it to say, she didn't. I settled in on the futon, nursed her and cuddled her, but she kept squirming all over the place. She crawled over me, down onto the floor, and went across the hall into the main bedroom, where Arazyr was sleeping. I removed her from there, which she did NOT like. She kept making a beeline for the bedroom, and screaming and crying rather loudly when she was denied. Plus, she kept it up. Being put in a mini-time-out in her play pen, for hitting me in the face during her little tantrum did nothing to help her disposition. Not surprisingly, it wasn't long before Arazyr got up, and came out to see what was going on. There was much fussing and fit-throwing, with Mommy trying to get her to use one of the signs she knows to tell Mommy and Daddy what she wanted, before she finally started slapping her mouth with one palm (which I believe is her newly-mastered approximation for "food"). I gave her some grapes, cheese, and sweet potato puffs, which she gobbled up, and she calmed down somewhat. Then we did our nighttime "turn out all the lights, put on some sleepy music, and wait for it to catch up with her". She finally went to sleep at about 2:30.

This was, of course, not very conducive to getting up early, so probably needless to say, I did not manage to get started on that new routine, today. Here's hoping for tomorrow...

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Oh, trust me, I completely understand!

I think that your daily schedule sounds great, though.

How does she do with naps?

She takes one nap a day, fairly reliably. What isn't reliable is WHEN she goes down for a nap. It has been as early as 12:30, or as late as 5:00.