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Where Does the Time Go?

I feel like I'm behind on everything. This is largely due to the fact that I have a clever and curious toddler, who has a talent for getting into anything I must take out of anywhere, to get something done. It isn't so much that she can't play by herself as it is that if I go into the kitchen, to unload the dishwasher, she's in there with me, in a matter of seconds, trying to grab bowls and silverware out of the bottom rack, as I try to work, and unfastening the child-proofing devices on lower cabinets long enough to put any clean pots and pans in them tends to run a high risk of the contents being unloaded onto the floor, thereby negating their most recent cleaning. If I try to put her toys away so I can vacuum, she pulls them out nearly as fast as I can put them away, and certainly faster than I can get the vacuum cleaner out. Then, of course, there is trying not to run over her with the vacuum, and keeping her away from the cord. It as also all but impossible to pay bills, and update financial records because she's just got to see what is in the file box. Also, I don't dare pay attention to the computer for more than a minute or two at a time, when she's up and about, or she's all over it. I used to let her point at things on my screen, and coo at them, only setting her on the floor, if she pressed any keys (which are no-no's), but she screwed up my browser once (I can't even figure out how she set what she set with no more than 2 keystrokes), and she hard-booted my computer twice, by messing with the power button, before I could get her away. So, now I just don't let her get that close, at all, though that is much more complicated than it sounds.

I can manage to get an occasional load of laundry done (usually diapers), and I can actually manage to get knitting done, on small, not-too-complex projects - ones that I can toss out of her reach at pretty much any point, without worrying about whether or not I can figure out where I was, later. So, no lace, no brother's Christmas afghan (affectionately nicknamed "The Cabled Monstrosity"), etc. Simple socks, hats and mittens are ago, and possibly even an occasional simple sweater. On the upside, this means that I have every expectation that the Christmas gifts that didn't actually need to be done by Christmas (my sister and family are coming up for late holiday festivities sometime this month), will be done in plenty of time, and I should have no problem getting my Dad's birthday present done, by the end of February, but it really doesn't help much with the housework. I haven't done any writing, aside from blog writing, in months, and even the blog (as would probably be noticed, if anybody actually read the blog regularly) is sporadic, and usually done when I happen to be up later than KatyBeth is. I'd try to get stuff done, during such times, but housework would likely wake bread-winner Arazyr who is also usually asleep at such times.

I suppose that, in theory, I could use KatyBeth's nap (I can generally count on her taking one, sometime before 5pm, but when is anybody's guess) for getting stuff done, but since she sort of defies an actual schedule, I never know when it is going to be, and lately, she's been throwing tired fits before she'll go to sleep, such that by the time she falls asleep, I tend to feel like I need a nap, as well. I have to choose between getting rest, so I'll be up to chasing after her for the evening, or getting housework done, and not having the energy to keep up with her. It might not surprise you that I usually choose the former. I find it perhaps slightly disturbing that I seem to require significantly more sleep than I used to. As strange as this may sound, since I'm being run ragged by a 13 month old, I have to wonder if I need more exercise. I'd like to actually try that, and see if it helps. The problem is: when would I have time?

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