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A Moderately Busy Day

I really should be in bed, right now, but I'm not quite ready to go to sleep. Goodness only knows why, because it has been a fairly full day. I was up relatively late last night with KatyBeth, which is nothing new, as she's a baby night owl. I got up fairly early (before Arazyr left for work), so I could shower, then shortly thereafter curled up with my baby girl for a morning nap. We got up around 10:30, at which point I had to start getting things together for my interview, in the afternoon, and for taking KB over to my parents' house, so they could babysit her during said interview.

The interview actually went quite well - it was an "initial contact" sort of interview, with a recruiter/contract house. Interviews for any potential job assignments will follow. I rather like it when contract houses do such an interview, to meet face-to-face before sending me to interview with any of their clients - I feel more assured that they know what they're doing, when they do it that way.

I actually managed not to forget anything, and Grandma and Grandpa had all they needed, and then some. When I returned to my parents' house after the interview, Baby Girl was sleeping, so I decided to hang out for a bit, to let her finish her nap, since she's been not taking full naps as often as she probably needs them, of late. On the way home, we stopped at the craft store, so I could grab a couple of things, then came home. I then passed her off to her daddy, to fix some dinner. After dinner, I fed her her rice cereal (which she eagerly gobbled up), then took her for a bit of a wander outside, where we met some neighbors we hadn't had much contact with, previously. KB got to pet their little dog, who licked her fingers, which sent her giggling. As usual, she had everybody gushing about how cute and sweet she is, pretty much instantly - she just charms everybody she meets. After a few more hours, I handed her off again, to monitor an online game I run.

In between all this, I experimented with the project for which I had stopped by the craft store:

Green beaded stitch markers, an inspiration I had for a late Mothers' Day present for my mom (she doesn't read this). "Late?!", you may rage, "why is your present LATE, when you actually SAW your mother on Sunday?" The answer: my mother is nigh impossible to shop for - she's at the point in her life where anything affordable that she wants, she either already has, or she goes out and buys, when she realizes she wants it. It doesn't leave much, for gift-giving occasions. Also, about a month ago, she said, "I know! You could make me a small lap afghan, for me to put over my legs, when I'm sitting around the living room, in the evenings." So, ok, fine. I brought over a bunch of books of afghan patterns, and let her pick one. I was trying to decide if I had sufficient yarn in my stash, or if I needed to go yarn shopping, when she tells me that she somehow ended up acquiring a small blanket that would do the job, and she really didn't need another one. So there goes that idea, with nothing to replace it. I didn't come up with another idea until today. I've seen similar ones on etsy, and I recalled hearing David Reidy talk about making ones that encoded numbers in binary (for keeping track of numbers of pattern repeats) on them, so I blatantly stole his idea. Thanks, David. (: I had enough fun with them, that I promptly made another set, for Arazyr's mom:

And then, a set for Arazyr:

You may have noticed that they are in sets of 8, despite having 4 "bits" - I did this to allow for an "expansion" for each set, should they be needed/desired. Here's hoping that KB takes a good long nap, sometime, tomorrow, so I can make myself a set. Hmmm... any suggestions as to what color I should make mine?

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