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Cranking on the blanket

It has, amazingly, been a fairly productive week. When it began, the baby blanket I have in progress had a mere 6 inches on it. It now is approximately a foot longer. If I can keep going at this rate, I may actually finish it on time. Also on my list of accomplishments are: doing enough cleaning and rearranging in KatyBeth's room to accommodate her crib (delivered by her grandpa, and assembled by him and Daddy) and making significant progress on whittling down Sara-yama (Dish Mountain, which has been sitting at the side of my sink for some time). I've done several dish-drainers full, though it has taken a toll on my back. That's one of the problems with being so much taller than average - unless you've got custom counters and sinks, they're set low enough to bother your back, if you work at them for very long. Well, that's about it, for now... back to the baby blanket.

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