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Back to Work; Back needs work...

So, I just got an offer from one of the companies I interviewed at last week. It looks like a good opportunity, so I'm taking it. They want me to start next Tuesday! Sounds good to me. I like to have at least a few days to get things wrapped up at home before starting a new job.

The place that's made the offer is the geographically closest of the three places I interviewed at. It's just over in Dearborn, so it should only take about 20-30 minutes to drive between here and there. I like the sound of that. 8^)

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It Was a Busy Week...

Last week was a busy week. As I think I posted before, I ended up having one job interview each day last week. Phone interviews on Monday and Tuesday, then in-person interviews on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. (Two of those were "second interviews" coming out of the two phone interviews.)

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Job Hunt Progress, etc.

Since my last blog entry, I had two more interviews scheduled for this week. Another phone interview this afteroon, and another in-person interview for tomorrow morning. That makes a total of four interviews this week: phone interview Monday, phone interview Tuesday, in-person interview Wednesday, in-person interview Thursday. Two down: the phone interviews both went pretty well. The one on Monday went so well that they want me to come in for a second; that's the new in-person interview for tomorrow (Wed).

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Knitting Milestones, etc.

Well, I've passed the midpoint on the baby blanket I'm knitting. For this pattern, you start with 3 stitches, and increase one every row. So the middle of the blanket is pretty wide. After that, you decrease one each row, so they start getting smaller. I am a few rows into the decreases now. I know the rows I've just done are still about the length of the last few I did before the midpoint, but they feel quicker. Probably a psychological thing: before the midpoint, you could theoretically keep increasing forever; after you start the decreases, there is a definite endpoint... 8^)

My Least Favorite Day

I've never liked April Fools' Day. Maybe it's because I'm the most gullible person ever, but the jokes that are subtle enough to be funny seem perfectly legit to me, and when I find out later it wasn't true, I'm dissappointed. The ones that are obvious enough for me to tell it's not true tend to be lame enough they aren't that funny. Okay, I'm dull. 8^)

I had a couple of things I was planning to try to take care of today, but I think I'm just going to skip it. Gonna go hide from the day now...

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This And That

KatieBeth had her 4-Month checkup this afternoon. The doctor (actually, Nurse Practitioner) said she looked perfect, which we've known since the start, of course. 8^)

I have changed my mind about part of what I was planning to use this new website for. I was originally going to use it as -- among other things -- a repository for some of my roleplaying game materials, but I don't think I'm going to put those here. I am setting up a "sub-site" for that stuff. I'm not ready to announce it and open it to the public yet, but I'll definitely mention it here when it is ready.

Catching Up

So, I guess I should describe a bit of the current state of my life, for those who don't already know me... 8^)

I am currently job hunting. My last assignment with my latest contract house ended last November. They've had a few things come by since then, but none of them has actually turned into a new job yet. Just went on an interview this past Thursday, though, which sounds promising.

The Lame First Blog Entry

I haven't read enough other blogs to know if this is a general trend, but it seems to be that most first posts to a blog are probably pretty lame, so I'm just going to admit it up front and get it over with. 8^)

I'll try to post more interesting comments and rants in the future...


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