I Have A New Little Nephew!

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Born around 6:00 this morning, my sister's (Auntie Marj) newest son. More details later, after I get them. (My sister sounded kind-of out of it this morning when she called me to let me know, so I didn't press her for any details. 8^)

We just went to visit my sister, new baby, and the daddy in the hospital. Everybody is doing fine. Baby is tiny, but we were expecting that. Seems to be normal for the daddy's side of the family...

Born: 18 April 2008
Time: 6:08 a.m.
Weight: 4 lb., 14 oz.
Length: 18 3/4 in.
Name: Nicholas Aiden Radford (tentative; his mommy and daddy haven't made up their minds yet.)

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That's a very nice name.

That's a very nice name.