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This And That

KatieBeth had her 4-Month checkup this afternoon. The doctor (actually, Nurse Practitioner) said she looked perfect, which we've known since the start, of course. 8^)

I have changed my mind about part of what I was planning to use this new website for. I was originally going to use it as -- among other things -- a repository for some of my roleplaying game materials, but I don't think I'm going to put those here. I am setting up a "sub-site" for that stuff. I'm not ready to announce it and open it to the public yet, but I'll definitely mention it here when it is ready.

We had a nice Easter yesterday. I hope everybody out there did as well. (If you don't celebrate Easter, I still hope you had a good day. 8^) KatieBeth looked so cute in her nice little pink dress that her Grandma Cross bought her, and the white sweater Gramma Becker made her. (We'll have to pose her for some pictures in that outfit, 'cause we forgot to take any yesterday. 8^) She charmed everybody at church, even though she fell asleep on my shoulder about halfway through... 8^)