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Fine, let's get this over with

Alright kids, here we go. Welcome to the first official blog of kichio. Don't get too used to this, I'm not so good with this interweb thing. Plus I'm lazy. So here I am bored at home waiting for tonight. You may be wondering what tonight is, or not. Actually, now that I think about it, most people don't care. But I'm going to a concert tonight. The bands are The Unseen and Tiger Army. I don't suppose anyone here listens to punk rock but hey, not everyone is perfect. This concludes my first blog on the prestigeous All hail Emperor Arazyr and have a good night.

My Sleep Schedule is Pretty Much Shot

My sleep schedule (and I use the term "schedule" loosely, here) has been really whacked out, of late. KB often keeps me up rather late, but usually I can get in bed by long about 1am. However, going from Saturday to Sunday, I spent hours lying in bed, with thoughts whirling through my head so much I couldn't fall asleep. I ended up getting up around 4:45 to knit for a while. I went back to bed, and finally managed to fall asleep around 6am. You know, I have NO recollection of what project I was knitting on.

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A very busy day.

Yesterday, I said phooey on housework (yeah, that's unusual) and just spent the day with the sweet Kenny-Kens.

In the morning, we went to the zoo, then I got really ambitious and Googs and I walked from our house, to the farmer's market, to the chocolate store, to Fire Arts (although that was an accident, I got lost, but Becky was pleased enough to see us, I think) and finally to the library. We were gone for hours, and it felt nice to get some exercise and to be out of the house.

Weird Dreams are Made of These...

I had a weird dream last night (ok, I guess it was actually this morning, considering the time I went to bed). In said dream, a friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, turned out to have an identical twin, who showed up locally. "Ok", you may say, "that doesn't sound too weird. What, was it an 'evil twin', or something?" The answer is that, rather quickly, it appeared that my friend was in fact, the evil twin.

Oh, Sweet Productivity...

Today (ok, technically yesterday, at this point), I managed to get several things done that I'd been wanting to do, for varying lengths of time. While the morning was spent playing with KB, and resting, in the early afternoon I dropped by my mother's office, to deliver her stitch markers, which (once I told her what they were) she seemed to quite like.

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A Moderately Busy Day

I really should be in bed, right now, but I'm not quite ready to go to sleep. Goodness only knows why, because it has been a fairly full day. I was up relatively late last night with KatyBeth, which is nothing new, as she's a baby night owl. I got up fairly early (before Arazyr left for work), so I could shower, then shortly thereafter curled up with my baby girl for a morning nap.

One of These Days, I Need To Do An Entry on Just One Topic

I did not, in fact, end up getting any writing done, on Wednesday. My major accomplishment for the day was grocery shopping (and a trip to the library) in the pouring rain. This was rendered more bearable by drafting a friend to come along to help me keep an eye on KatyBeth, when needed, allowing me to do things like run back to a previous aisle to get something I missed, sans cart, or to make a mad dash through the downpour, to get to the car, and then just bring it around, instead of having to lug probably about 18 pounds of car seat and baby through the deluge.

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Trying to Gather Steam

I'm a bit tired. I'm down to the last few sniffles of my cold, so I'm back to attempting to get things done. Yesterday involved a lot of running around - a doctor appointment, an impromptu visit to my mother's office (I was passing it, and thought "why not?" - much showing off of the baby by her proud grandma ensued (: ), and a trip to the store that involved KatyBeth's first ride in a shopping cart sans car seat.

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First Week of Housewifery

Well, I've now been doing the housewife thing for a week. Last week was spent cleaning up the kitchen, in and around taking care of the baby. I'm rather pleased at the progress I made. I'm hoping to work my way around the house, though at this rate, I'll get through the house in about two months! Ah well, any progress is progress, and the house has been rather neglected for quite some time - it is going to take a while to get it whipped into shape. I had planned to hit the living room/dining room area, this week, but unfortunately, I seem to be coming down with something.

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I'm A Breadwinner!

So, today was my first day at my new job, and the first time I've been working first time when my wife hasn't been. (As she just mentioned herself. 8^)

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